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Marldon Fully Automatic "Sprint" Coiler


The SPRINT automatic coiling machine winds flexible cables into coils in a continuous automatic operation and delivers them precisely measured and cut to length for bagging or applying cable ties.

This simple, programmable, bench mounted machine uses only single phase supply.

It has been designed to satisfy the demands of those applications where a :

  • fast
  • simple to operate
  • compact
  • fully automatic
  • batch counting
  • low cost
  • machine is required.

    All moving parts are enclosed behind a clear plastic safety guard which is hinged for easy access and its robust, formed sheet steel framework ensures a long service life.


    Coils are layer wound on a retractable centre coiling head by the variable pitch Marldon Rolling Ring Traversing Unit and, when cut to length, they are ejected from the machine to allow the next winding cycle to begin.

    Pre-selected length 1-999 Metres
    Length tolerance 0.5%
    Batch count 9,999.
    Cable Diameter
    Minimum 1 mm
    Maximum 13 mm
    Type Flexible copper or aluminium insulated and sheathed, single, twin, three and four core.

    Coils Formed:-
    Outside Diameter Maximum 260 mm
    Traversing pitch 0-14 mm

    Mechanics: Robust steel framework with precision working elements.
    Power supply: 240V - 1ph - 50Hz supply 3 amp connected load.
    Compressed air: 5 - 8 bar
    Consumption: 5dm acute/min depending on production programme
    Drive system: Thyrister controlled D.C. Motor with controlled acceleration, with fail safe brake.

    Length measuring: Separate measuring wheel with digital encoder.
    Deposit Chute: Built in chute to guide coils out of machine, adjustable to coil size.
    Noise level 80 dBA

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    3rd April, 2009