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This page contains examples of the Marldon range of winding equipment. If you wish to know more about Marldon and its Manufacturing Program , click Marldon.


For use with lightweight cables etc. Maximum Drum weights 250kg

Marldon are able to supply winding and pay-off equipment in many configurations according to customers needs and specification. Please contact us with your particular needs.

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The photo alongside shows an example configuration which comprises:

Portable pay-off stand ref. 353 PPO-1000, suitable for reels of 1000mm flange diameter. Reels are mounted on hardened steel pintles, which are adjustable by means of handwheels on either side of the machine. An adjustable leather band brake is incorporated for applying back tension, and an overhead guide roller is mounted between the side frames.

Cantilever Winding Machine, for use with reels from 400mm to 1000mm flange diameter. Reels are mounted on a cantilevered shaft, fitted with locking collar and drive arm. The drive is a D.C. variable speed motor and gear box, to give speeds from 10 to 200 r.p.m.

Measuring Machine is mounted on a height-adjustable support stand with slide rails for hand traversing. The machine is fitted with a pre-determining counter, push button re-set, and electrical contacts to stop the winding machine at a pre-set length.

Control Panel for D.C. drive, mounted on a separate fabricated steel pedestal and fitted with start and stop push-buttons; and a speed-setting potentiometer.

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