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Marldon Winding & Coiling Machines
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Marldon manufacture a wide range of winders and take-ups.

Below is a selection of pictures illustrating some of our winders. Please contact us if you would like a quotation to your particular specification or further details about our range.

Where images have highlighted captions you can go to linked pages for more detail of that particular machine.

Centreless coils
packed into
cardboard cartons

Fully Automatic Despatch Coiler

Winder Model DC96

Semi-automatic Twin Head Despatch Reeling Line

Mobile Coiler

Simple Winder

[Rewind Line]
Rewind Line
[Cantilever Winder]

Cantilever Winder

Fully Automatic Despatch Coiler

Rewind Line

[New Image Awaited]

New image awaited

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Chalk (talc) Applicator

11th March 2015