This page contains examples of the Marldon range of winding equipment. If you wish to know more about Marldon and its Manufacturing Program , click Marldon.


[Winder Picture]

The Marldon equipment shown is BOTH a reel winder and a coiler. The photo shows the winding shaft with a collapsible coiling head fitted.

The equipment comprises a baseframe mounted on three lockable castors for mobility and a winding shaft carried on a hinged cantilever arm.

The winding shaft can, if required, be used to carry a bobbin for the purpose of winding electric cable. The winding shaft carries a removable coiling head for winding coils up to 650mm overall diameter. To facilitate the loading or unloading of a bobbin (diameter from 560mm to 900mm) a hand operated pump and hydraulic ram raises and lowers the winding shaft. The shaft is driven by a D.C. variable speed motor and gear box to give speeds from 10 to 200 r.p.m.

The machine has a control panel for D.C. drive, mounted on a column attached to the baseframe and fitted with start and stop push buttons and a speed setting potentiometer

A measuring unit with a pre-determining electric counter, push button re-set and contacts to stop winding at a pre-set length is mounted on a height adjustable support stand attached to the baseframe. The measuring units traverses freely to facilitate the layering of the cable onto the drum or coiling head.


The machine is pre-wired and all that is necessary for installation is a 220/250 volt A.C. single phase supply.

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