Marldon offers a 10 year guarantee option on its traverse boxes, covering all wear parts and labour.
Traverse boxes will be repaired and recalibrated to bring the unit to its performance level when new.
The warranty has no limit regarding the frequency of warranty claims
This warranty is transferable with the product to subsequent owners.

The traverse must be returned to the Marldon factory for repair.
The costs of transport to and from Marldon will be to the account by the customer.
Marldon reserves the right to refuse warranty repair if there is evidence of damage caused otherwise than through normal usage.
Warranty claims will not be accepted from traders in used machinery.
Marldon generally reserves the right to refuse claims where the claimant has no valid interest in the use of the equipment for its normal function.

The warranty is available at the time of purchase at approximately 1/3 of the traverse unit price, varying depending upon the territory.